As part of Croft Communications continued growth, we are delighted to announce our second acquisition this month of UK Independent Telecom Limited.

With over 15 years’ experience in the space, UK Independent Telecom provide unified communication solutions, building a trusted and loyal client base through their passion for exceptional and personalised customer service.

“We are looking forward to this next stage in the life of UK Independent Telecom. The merger will help expand our offering, helping clients future proof their communications, while maintaining our high levels of customer support” – Paul Clegg, UKIT Director  

Thanks to the merger, these loyal and valued customers will benefit from an even wider range of communication products, including super-fast broadbandhosted telephonybusiness phone systems, mobile solutions, fast and responsive IT supportthermal imaging cameras and more, without compromising on service.

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Croft Communications are excited to announce the acquisition of Boosh 365 Limited.

Boosh 365, a Vodafone Total Communications Partner, are known for their customer first approach, giving simple, clear advice on customers Telecoms, IT & Mobile Signal Solutions. As part of the merger, Croft are delighted to be welcoming Sara Rose and Gemma Bennett to the Croft Communications team.

“Gemma and I are excited to be joining the Croft team and the opportunities this merger brings. By joining forces, we will be able to offer our customers a wider range of products alongside an even better service.” – Sara Rose, Operations Manager

With a shared passion for personalised service and solutions that are expertly tailored to customer needs, clients can rest assured they’ll continue to receive a bespoke customer service that’s second-to-none.

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The 27th November marked the 1-year anniversary for our CEO, Mark Bramley.

To celebrate the Croftiversary, we put together an extra special Q&A with the man himself.

It’s been an absolute pleasure having Mark on board, flourishing under his guidance and learning from his strategic, forward thinking and innovative approach. The team cannot wait to start 2021 under his watchful eye!

Who’s eager to see a follow-up video of Mark’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ rendition at the virtual Croft Christmas party? And what do you think about Mark’s celebrity look-a-likes? Did we miss any? Mention us @croftcomms on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Croft Communications have been chosen as a trusted telecommunications supplier by public procurement organisation YPO. As a supplier of connectivity solutions, we have been selected as one of the 38 providers included in YPO’s new framework designed to meet the needs of all public sector organisations.

As part of the new network and telecommunications framework, Croft will rub shoulders with the likes of TalkTalk, O2 and a selection of telecoms SMEs, offering our services to schools, local authorities, charities and other public sector bodies.

Chosen suppliers

YPO frameworks are ready-made agreements with chosen suppliers. Public sector organisations can save time and money in their procurement decisions by opting for pre-selected ‘Lots’, when buying everything from utilities to food and catering. All Lots are guaranteed to be compliant with procurement legislation and suppliers must meet the high standards required by YPO.

Designed to support organisations in the public sector through the process of digital transformation and help them obtain the best value for money from their connectivity solutions, the new connectivity framework is made up of competent, reliable providers who are selected for their proven expertise. It’s divided up into 7 different Lots, covering services including smart cities and the Internet of Things, cyber security solutions and mobile, voice and data. As experts in the field, Croft have been selected as providers of Wide Area Network (WAN) services and communication services.

To find out more about the YPO framework, visit the YPO website.

A trusted name

Of course, Croft is no stranger to public procurement, with a long history of working with public sector organisations in healthcare, education and other fields. As a registered Crown Commercial Service preferred supplier, our company is already a trusted name for many schools, colleges, universities, healthcare providers, local councils, emergency services and more.

CEO Mark Bramley said:

“We’re delighted to have been chosen to be a part of the new YPO framework. Implementing telecoms solutions that help public sector organisations to thrive is our passion. We’re proud to be working with YPO to ensure that organisations on tight budgets can work efficiently, save on costs and get the support they need, when they need it.”

Simplifying procurement and saving money

Established in 1974, YPO was formed by a group of local authorities to help simplify the procurement process and make cost savings. As the largest local authority purchasing consortium in the UK, YPO helps public sector organisations to get the best deal on every buying decision, from utilities to insurance. YPO has over 100 different frameworks that are quick and simple to use.

Head of Public Sector Gavin Rimmington at YPO said that the new connectivity framework will provide solutions that are clear and easy to implement, as well as getting great value for money. He highlighted the continuous support package that public sector clients will benefit from – as do all Croft Communications clients.

Work with us

Are you a public sector organisation looking for a supplier you can trust? Contact Croft for Crown Commercial Service-approved connectivity services ranging from broadband to business phones. We offer tailored solutions and unrivalled support, whatever your communications needs.

Croft Communications are happy to announce the acquisition of the B2B customer base of Pneuma Communications.

Pneuma have been in business for thirteen years and have a long tradition of supporting the business mobile phone needs of their 100+ customers. Together with Croft, they are excited to continue and enhance this service, as well as ensuring that all new customers get more value from their business connectivity.

As part of the transaction, Croft are delighted to welcome Stavros Ellinas and Danny Bates to the growing Croft Communications team.

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Croft Communications are delighted to announce the acquisition of EE dealer and recognised BT supplier, Distinct Connections Limited. Together, the newly-merged team will use our unrivalled experience and expertise to continue to offer great-value unified communications solutions to businesses and organisations across the UK.  

An award-winning business mobile provider that’s been highly regarded in the industry, Distinct Connectionis known for the quality of its service, with many long-standing clients of 12 years or more. Thanks to the merger, these loyal and valued customers will now benefit from an even wider range of communication products and servicesincluding super-fast broadbandhosted telephony such as VoIP, business phone systems, fast and responsive IT support, thermal imaging cameras and moreWith a shared passion for personalised service and solutions that are expertly tailored to customer needs, clients of both Croft and Distinct can rest assured they’ll continue to receive bespoke customer service that’s second-to-none.  

“The merger with Croft Communications is a real opportunity to broaden the portfolio of services we can offer to our customers,” said Distinct Connections director Kerry Tomlinson. “With multiple accolades as industry leaders in business mobile telephony, we’re now looking forward to this next exciting stage in the life of our business – expanding our offering to help our clients work more efficiently with fast and reliable connections.”  

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A county show with a twist

We’re delighted to announce that Croft will be headline sponsoring the 2020 Hertfordshire County Show.

With the global pandemic impacting on a number of events across the county, this year’s show comes with a twist – and on the 23rd May 2020, the county show is going online for the very first time.

Our CEO, Mark Bramley, is proud that Croft is supporting this exciting initiative:

“We are really delighted to be chosen as the 2020 Herts Virtual Show headline sponsor. Whilst it is really unfortunate that all of us will not be able to attend the County Show in person this year, the plans for it to be held virtually are so very exciting. As Herts Chamber Patrons, Croft Communications are passionate about representing and promoting the county and all the great businesses and innovation it has within it.”  

From chickens and cattle and cheeses to a virtual PIMM’S stand, people from town and country alike will be able to join in with the action from the comfort of their own homes.

With a brand-new dedicated website and an interactive map taking you through to a day filled with activities and events, the event promises to be one to remember.

As experts in connectivity solutions, the team at Croft are proud to be at the front and centre of it all.

Map of Virtual Herts County Show 2020

An opportunity to look to the future

With the show now just a few days away, Sarah Moreland MBE, Executive Director looks ahead to an exciting future…

We are excited by the possibilities of what an online show presents. The Show will offer ‘attendees’ the perfect opportunity to look back with nostalgia, look at the present and learn, and look to the future with excitement and optimism. We are living in challenging times – but every challenge presents opportunities. Here, we have a fantastic opportunity to come together and make this Show the Greatest Show Online!”

Croft in the Community

As headline sponsors, the team at Croft are thrilled to be involved and look forward to being in amongst the action over the coming days.

Keep your ears peeled to Heart radio for more on Croft and the County Show, and we can’t wait for you to see our homepage takeover, coming soon to the Heart website!

Find out more

Croft are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with one of the finest agricultural shows in the country.

Entry for exhibitors is free, but all involved are welcoming donations to the Hertfordshire Agricultural Society (a registered charity set up with the aim of promoting farming and agriculture, alongside the associated skills, crafts, trades and professions).

To find out more about the Herts County virtual show, visit You can also join the conversation online by following @HertsCountyShow on Twitter and @HertfordshireCountyShow on Facebook. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #VirtualShow and tag @Croftcomms for a retweet and a share!

Alternatively, if you would like to learn more about Croft and how we are helping businesses and individuals remain connected during these challenging times, contact us today and a member of the team will be happy to help.

We are delighted to announce that Westcom, an EE Business Approved Partner in Bristol, have joined forces with Croft to provide their customer base with a wider range of communication products and services.

Over the last 25 years, Westcom have forged a reputation of professionalism both within the industry and with its ever-growing customer base. Together with Croft, Westcom will be able to offer its customers the full range of communications solutions – from business phones, VoIP and internet connectivity, right through to productivity tools like Microsoft Teams. As all business adapts to the new normal, we’ll also be helping customers with any business continuity and mobility challenges that they are currently facing.

“Myself, Justin Rouse and our great team are very excited by the expansion in our capabilities that this merger offers. We will continue to operate from our same store address in Clifton, ensuring that our clients remain connected, no matter their line of work” – Andrew West, Sales Director at Westcom.

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We’re delighted to have been shortlisted for the Business of the Year East Herts Award in the Inspiring Herts Awards 2020, held by the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce.

The whole team has worked extremely hard this year to ensure businesses, schools, universities, care homes and hospitals across the country remain connected at all times. This nomination is an absolute testament to all of our efforts.

Whilst we currently find ourselves living in a strange world, we understand the utmost importance of regular and accessible communication. It is of our absolute highest priority to ensure everyone feels connected at this time and we continue to work tirelessly to provide solutions to all businesses and individuals in need.

Thanks again to the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce and a big congratulations to fellow category finalists – Beyond Governance, CHEXS and The Property Presenters – and all the other amazing businesses that will be joining us at the Warner Bros. Studios on the 10th June 2021. We look forward to what is set to be a great night!

The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur… situations changing rapidly, government announcements coming in thick and fast and people wondering what the future holds. It’s almost impossible to know what’s going to happen one day to the next, from both a business and a personal standpoint.

Yet amongst the angst and confusion, one thing has been especially clear throughout. People want to help and are willing to do absolutely everything they can to support and be there for others during this time of need. It’s amazing to see.

The set up of ‘Shop + Drop’

One particular venture that really touched the team at Croft, is the set up of ‘Shop + Drop’ by local Hertfordshire residents, Deri & Jo Hughes.

Joanna and Deri Hughes with two of their four children

After hearing the government announcement that those at high-risk from COVID-19 would have to self-isolate for at least 12 weeks, they knew they couldn’t allow so many to be, and feel, so alone at this time. No one deserves to feel trapped in their own home – scared, lonely and anxious about how, or where, they’d be able to safely get essential supplies to continue living. Deri and Jo just couldn’t let it happen.

A one-stop-shop for all house-bound essentials

As a result, the amazing new service, Shop + Drop, was born, providing those confined to their home with a one-stop-shop for all house-bound essentials. As soon as we heard about the venture, we knew this was something Croft needed to be involved with.

Croft in the Community

Since starting up just last week, there have already been an amazing array of contributions from local businesses and individuals, helping to build Shop + Drop’s service and make it as accessible as possible. A website designed, locations for preparing food orders offered, wholesale supply accounts set up, charitable partnerships formed and social media channels created, to name a few.

Personally, Croft have donated a phone system, allowing Shop + Drop’s volunteers to ‘man the phones’ from the comfort of their own homes and connect effortlessly with those in need.

It’s safe to say, the local community has come together to deliver something special with this.

As the UK locks down harder and faster, and potentially for longer, this kind of initiative is going to be a real lifeline for the most vulnerable in our community. It’s absolutely essential that Shop + Drop can continue to flourish, bringing a little smile to those unable to leave their homes each day.

Find out more

If like us, you want to be a part of this incredible venture, we highly recommend you speak to Deri and Jo to discuss how you might be able to help. We’re all feeling quite out of control in this crazy situation right now, so knowing you’re doing your bit to help, goes a long way. By offering a phone system to Shop + Drop, we feel safe in the knowledge that no one needs to be without, and can continue to be fully connected, at a time when support and company is so important.

For more information check out Shop + Drop’s website and follow them on Instagram (@shopdropherts) or Facebook.