Detect & Protect

Thermal Imaging Cameras

You made it through the Lockdown, but now what? How will you protect your business, staff and customers as Lockdown eases?

Our thermal imaging solution can help protect you against the risks.

Detect & Protect with Croft

Thermal cameras are revolutionising the way public facing businesses of all sizes and types address their safety and security needs, providing a reliable, contactless solution to discreetly detect elevated staff, customer and visitor body temperatures.

Real-Time Fever Detection

Spots the symptoms, so you don’t have to:

  • ‘Live’, real-time screening and tracking of people on entry / exit of your premises.
  • Non-contact, meaning no need for manual, unreliable temperature checks.
  • Scans multiple personnel at one time.
  • Instant alerts sent when temperature thresholds are exceeded.

Fully Managed Cloud Storage

Accessing real-time video footage is simple:

  • View an audit trail / history of all building visitors and temperature data via the Cloud – at any time, anywhere in the world.
  • Fully encrypted, secure and easy-to-use portal.

Recording & Retention

Check back on historic video footage at any time:

  • Video streams are securely stored for a duration of 30 days up to five years.
  • Parts of the video, or “clips,” may be archived for a longer duration and easily shared with third parties.

Alert, Empower, Protect

The Benefits of Thermal Imaging Cameras

Protects Your Business

A full "back to work" plan - quickly return to your natural working environment with real-time screening of high-risk individuals.

Reduces the risk of any further outbreak and safeguards your business continuity.

Reassures Customers & Staff

Our system will proactively enhance company safety and responsibility by preventing transmission from workers, customers and visitors who may not know they have a fever.

Provides reassurance and peace of mind to staff, customers and guests alike - allowing employees to continue to come to work, whilst also helping you retain and attract customers.

Simple & Speedy Implementation

Installation, setup and training is included in the price and all part of Croft’s service.

A Scalable Solution

Do you have more than one entrance to your building? No problem!

Our thermal imaging cameras are designed to accommodate any floorplan with an unlimited number of sites and users.

Long-Term Financial Savings

Reduce the risk of further Lockdowns and Track and Trace alerts.

Think about the impact to your business of prolonged sickness, lost productivity and increased cost.

A fully-managed service

No capital outlay – One monthly all-inclusive fee!

Solutions from £250 per month

Monthly price includes:

  • Equipment

  • Installation

  • Connectivity

  • Cloud Storage

  • Maintenance

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