Hosted Telephony

Cut your phone bill and reduce maintenance costs, with hosted telephony in the Cloud.

Our services offer built-in quality of service, security and resilience as standard, backed by extensive expertise, resources and reach.

The basics

What is hosted telephony?

Hosted telephony doesn’t use traditional telecoms infrastructure to transmit your voice; instead, it works by sending it as data over an internet connection. You might have heard it called VoIP, cloud telephony or SIP trunking.

What's in it for you?

The benefits of hosted telephony

With a telephone system hosted in the Cloud, there’s no hardware to maintain, and you won’t pay separately for calls because they are made over the internet. It's particularly beneficial if you make a lot of international calls, if you plan to grow your business (adding new phone lines and locations), or if you want to take advantage of integrated multimedia such as text and chat.

Productivity anywhere

Enhanced team collaboration

Off-site data storage

Reduced IT maintenance costs

Self-manageable system

Disaster assistance

Easily upgraded

Hosted telephony

Hosted VoIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) lets you make phone calls over the internet.

This type of phone system will help you communicate quickly and cheaply from any location, without the hassle of installing and maintaining traditional telephone hardware.

Hosted telephony

Unified communications

Integrate and bundle all of your telecoms systems together, for greater efficiency.

It makes sense to think of our communications solutions as one single utility because most businesses need multiple connectivity solutions to get things done. By bundling our services, you can simplify your bills, reduce your running costs and even work more efficiently. 

Choose a hosted telephony package that pulls together fast broadband, high-quality voice calls, messaging services and more. 

Hosted telephony

What does our package include?

Connectivity, whatever happens

There’s no need for unexpected events like floods, snow, transport strikes or road works to slow down business productivity.

Flexible and remote working becomes a walk in the park, as you team can work efficiently from any device.

Flexibility for 'pay as you go'

With our packages, there’s no need for infrastructure, systems and equipment – allowing you to pay as you go for the services you need.

You could save up to 60% in comparison to outdated equipment and traditional phone lines!

Data protection on a secure network

Our services are supported by BT’s world-class, highly resilient network which is certified to IS022301 for business continuity. This means that you can count on connectivity at all times.

The service runs over a secure network and is certified to IS027001 for data security – so business owners and managers can rely on the fact that the data passing through the system is guarded and secure.

A service tailored for your businesses success

Every business is different, requiring a unique solution that will enable them to succeed and grow.

Our services can be manually tailored: choose from Music-On-Hold, Skype for Business, Instant Messaging and many more features to boost your teams’ productivity.

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