Hosted Telephony

Hosted VoIP

Save up to 60% on your IT and phone expenditure with hosted VoIP. Cut your overheads, boost productivity, and run your business from any location.

The basics

First things first: what is hosted VoIP?


Means that the hardware and exchange making your phone system work are offsite, in the cloud. They’re looked after by the service provider, so you don’t have to maintain them.


Stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It basically means you’re using the telephone over the internet, as opposed to an old-style phone system.

The benefits

Why choose a VoIP solution?

It’s the future of business telephony, offering numerous benefits to businesses and public sector organisations …

Why choose hosted VoIP?

Save up to 60% on telephony bills

All calls are made over the internet. If your company makes a lot of international calls, switching to hosted VoIP will save you a fortune on your phone bills. You won’t pay for any individual phone calls, even if you’re chatting for hours to colleagues on the other side of the world. VoIP calls over the internet are included in the cost of your business broadband plan, so you just pay one monthly bill.

It’s low maintenance by nature, with all the technical stuff done off-site. That means you won’t face the same IT maintenance costs you would with a traditional phone system. Our clients have saved as much as 60% on their combined internet and telephony costs when making the switch a VoIP plan.

Why choose hosted VoIP?

Work from any location!

Many businesses now see the benefits of remote and flexible working. As well as offering a better work-life balance to your staff, the ability to get things done in any location can also boost productivity.

With a phone system that can be used remotely, there’s potential to save on overheads by setting up call centres in cheaper areas – and to provide a better service to your customers, allowing calls to be routed to alternative locations when your office is closed.

You’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing that you can stay connected in a crisis: if staff are unable to travel to the office, they’ll easily be able to work from home.

Why choose hosted VoIP?

Communicate more effectively

It’s easy to integrate with your internet service, to provide a unified communications system that includes voice calls, instant messaging, conferencing, fax, email and more. It means you’ll be able to work more productively and connect more efficiently, than ever before.

Easy add-ons as your business grows

As your business grows, you’ll easily be able to add extra services or capabilities to meet your needs, without the hassle of making physical changes to your infrastructure.

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