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Unified Communications

Want to improve customer service, cut down on costs and collaborate with remote colleagues?

Unified communications bring people together wherever they are, on any device – so your workforce can get things done more efficiently.

The basics

What is unified communications?

Today, most businesses use a number of different tools to communicate ...

Landline phones

Business mobiles

Email & Faxes

Instant messaging, and more

But when these systems are separate, you’re not working as smoothly as you could. With unified communications, all of these tools are brought together, so you just have one system for everything.

What's in it for you?

It brings lots of benefits, such as ...

Efficient collaboration

Your team can communicate in any way, on any device, from any location, and work better together. It’s a great solution for companies with multiple sites, or where there’s a lot of business travel and remote working.

Better customer service

Access to voicemail on the move means that you’ll never miss a client call, and a range of unified communications options allow for improved customer contact.

Business continuity

Should the unthinkable happen, services can be seamlessly diverted without loss of service, avoiding call forwarding charges.

Cheaper telephony

You’ll only pay for one service, which covers all your communications needs, so you’ll drastically cut down on costs.

Our experts will complete an audit to analyse your business operations and identify how you could use the service to meet your unique organisational needs.

Unified Communications

What is Hosted Centrex?

Hosted Centrex is a really simple way to achieve unified communications in your organisation.

It’s an integrated telecoms solution which uses cloud technology to bring all your telephony systems together.

Centrex significantly reduces hardware installation and maintenance fees and enhances team flexibility.

Unified Communications

What does our Hosted Centrex service have to offer?

Flexible working

Make the most of your workforce, allowing them to work from any location.

  • Call forwarding to manage incoming calls easily.
  • Home worker allows users to effectively take their setting and profile with them to their home office.
  • Voicemail features allow you to access voicemail anywhere and messages can be saved, deleted and forwarded to users.
  • Email notifications of calls received.
  • Hot desking so that employees can do their job from any enabled station, on any site.
  • Remote office: take your number and profile with you wherever you go.

Effective teamwork features

Collaborate better with your teams, wherever they are.

  • N-way calls for collaboration with colleagues.
  • Hunt groups for effective call allocation and distribution of calls between colleagues.
  • Call transfer between users.
  • Customisable settings for sites, departments and users.
  • Call Park, to hold an active call whilst receiving another.
  • Call Pick-up feature to answer colleagues’ calls within the group.
  • Instant group call.

Professional company image

Maintain a courteous and professional image for customers and clients who get in touch.

  • Call waiting and hold music, to reduce the number of callers hanging up before they get through.
  • Diversion inhibitor, so you can to avoid calls being passed on.
  • Auto-attendant, which provides call routing options.
  • Business branding: Upload your company logo to enhance your brand.
  • Calling Line Identification flexibility, allowing you to call from any phone, but appear as if you’re calling from the official company number.

Improved efficiency

Work smarter, with these features to help you get things done.

  • Last number redial enables quick and easy repeat redial.
  • Click to dial via the web interface for easy call making.
  • Account codes allow you to assign calls to different cost centres within the business.
  • Do Not Disturb feature for busy users.
  • Anonymous call rejection: block incoming calls from withheld numbers.
  • Company directory and speed dials: so you have everyone’s contact details at your fingertips.
  • Call recording, allowing you to monitor employee call handling and improve training.

Fraud prevention and security

Stay safe with these simple fraud prevention and security measures.

  • Call recording, to monitor and keep a record of every call.
  • Easily accessible call history, showing incoming and outgoing calls as well as missed calls.
  • Call barring allows you to block unwanted or nuisance calls easily and effectively.
  • Authorisation codes, to so that your business phones can’t be accessed by outsiders.

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